Doug Howlett

Doug Howlett.

I have held leadership positions on the pitch and in the boardroom over the last seventeen years.

My most recent full-time role was Head of Commercial and Marketing for Munster Rugby, one of Europe’s most prestigious clubs. While providing commercial leadership, I was responsible for creating and implementing the new 3-year strategic plan for the organisation. This led me to working with Ringers.

When the time came to make the move home to New Zealand we agreed we all enjoyed the Munster process, which resulted in real and tangible results and an All Ireland Marketing Award. So we decided we would continue to work together to help organisations realise their potential. Since then we have worked with the Cork hurling team, The Blues (Auckland Super Rugby team) and a family-owned premium convenience food brand, Tomorrow’s Meals. Three very different organisations with three very different sets of challenges. But each project was underpinned by a commitment to understanding the issues, developing a strategy to solve the problem and then executing the solutions to a high standard – ensuring results were delivered.