Steven Mangan

Steven Mangan, Founder.

I cut my creative teeth in the music industry and it taught me a lot. How to get your message to cut through the thousands of better bands out there. How to act quickly, get stuff done with no budget and never take no for an answer. The budgets got bigger but what what I learned back then stood me well.

What we call the creative industry today is unrecognisable and yet still the same. The changemakers will always be small, restless teams of great people working closely together. So that if you looked in the window you wouldn’t be able to tell who the client, the creative or the producer was. Every bit of good work I’ve ever been involved in had this very same combination of people at its heart.

The outputs have been varied – TV shows, episodic content, activations, commercials and immersive brand experiences. But they all fixed that tricky problem at the heart of the brief for brands such as BMW, Mini, xBox, Absolut, Heineken, McDonalds, Vodafone, Coca-Cola and White Claw.

Ringers is what that formula looks like in action today – the right people in the right room at the right time. Working really closely with brand, product and commercial teams. Never taking no for an answer.